ARS/ NET Exam Syllabus for Agricultural Extension

From 2013, ARS Examination and NET Examination will be held separately once and twice a year respectively. provides you the syllabus for Veterinary Pharmacology for the benefit of the aspirants preparing for ARS and NET Examination 2012. Candidates can go through the syllabus and prepare better for this exam.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Extension and CommunicationConcepts and scope of extension and communication particularly for primary and secondary agriculture. Historical and emerging perspectives of agricultural, veterinary and animal husbandry extension education in India and other countries. Community Development and Integrated Rural Development- concept, principles and objectives. Role of agricultural extension in different sectors of agriculture and rural development. Agricultural Extension in the context of enhancing productivity, Quality, Nutrition, post harvest technology, product processing, Profitability, Income and Employment. Concepts of yield gaps. FLD and OFT in relation to TOT programmes. Farming System Research and Extension (FSR&E) and participatory development approaches. Concept and modules of communication, credibility, fidelity, empathy and feedback in communication. Similarities and dissimilarities among extension education, adult education and continuing/distance education. Andragogy and theories of adult learning. Human behavioural dimensions and gender sensitivity in extension education programmes. Meaning and characteristics of attitude, factors affecting attitude change; Understanding of basic rural institutions, social structure, culture and norms. Social and technological change processes, group dynamics, concepts and theories of rural leadership.

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