A Coin Has Two Faces – Cheap Web Hosting Service Is Not an Exception

You require an online space for your business; if you by truest meaning want to go global. Online access is not bound by time or location and hence creating a website for your business is a great option for you. This is the main reason why so many hosting companies have spawned in recent days.

Hosting – then and now

Previously, hosting a website was a costly affair. Only large business houses or companies could create and host a website. But, things changed quite fast. World Wide Web experienced a rapid growth and people from any corner of the world started connecting with each other. Introduction of email, instant messaging and social networking sites only enhanced the rate of growth.

Hosting became less complex and people started hosting their own websites, blogs. This gave rise to new hosting companies mua host and so, the competition became stiff as well. To outdone competitors, some hosting providers started going cheap. The question is whether the quality is maintained or not in such hosting providers or not!

Advantages associated with a cheap web hosting service

•Some hosting services cost you less than $5 a month. Although, there can be limitations in what you can do and what you cannot, but to generalize the matters, things should be good.

•Disk space being provided varies from 5GB to 75GB, obviously more than enough.

•Per month, bandwidth generally is from 100GB to 600GB; something again quite good, particularly when you pay less.

•These cheap hosting providers go for Windows or UNIX or Linux servers, making set-up easier for users.

In a nutshell, amount invested is low, but the results you get are pretty good.

Disadvantages associated with cheap hosting services

•There is a common argument regarding any cheap hosting package. Many say, that some of these providers give such prices, that either they are bound to increase rates later otherwise, they will ultimately extinct.

•If a hacker somehow hacks the server, these cheap providers are never there to help you.

•You can sometime view badly designed plans while browsing through a cheap web hosting package.

•Sometimes, cheap hosting services actually give you a shared server space with some other. Suppose, that the other company at same server space sends spam mails to its mailing list, then you without knowing about it, may get blocked by some anti-spam software as these software blocks any site from the same server space.

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