How To Minimize Wedding Flowers Cost Without Compromising Its Overall Beauty

Planning a wedding is an arduous task for any bride. But balancing the budget is a more tedious and complicated job. One element which brides look into are wedding flowers cost. It serves the purpose of adding a romantic ambiance to weddings. Absence of flowers in a wedding makes the overall experience lifeless and boring. This is why couples allocate a big chunk of budget for flower purchase.

The average wedding flowers cost take up to 10% of wedding budgets. But when you’re on a tight budget 10% is a lot of money. This creates the need to find ways to reduce the expenditure on flowers Nguyet Hy. Firstly, you need to decide on the type of flower you prefer to use. Flower prices depend on its availability in floral shops. There are flowers which are expensive because they’re either exported or seasonal. If you’re willing to spend mindlessly on your bridal bouquet, that’s fine. You have to remember that your bouquet should not overshadow you in your gown. Don’t let the beauty of the flower outshine you. A simple bouquet arrangement is perfect for brides.

Secondary sponsors bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres should be uniform in color. The arrangement for the bridesmaids’ bouquets should complement their dresses’ color. Go for light tones for your wedding motif. It’s an eyesore if your motif is either red or orange. These colors don’t match the whole idea of an elegant wedding. Incorporate some green plants to the bouquet for a fresh and lively look.

Occasionally, wedding flowers cost does not include the flower arrangement for the altar, pew flowers, and reception centerpieces. If this is the case, don’t go stingy on church decoration expenses. Again, flowers create a romantic aura in your venue. Coordinate the design according to your color motif and place pew flowers after every 2 church pews. A flower-filled church will look tacky. You just need to add flowers to enhance the church’s vibrance. For table centerpieces, a great idea is placing three stemmed roses on a clear vase and filling the surrounding area with scented candles. This arrangement adds a romantic mood to the venue.

Wedding flowers cost shouldn’t be pricey. It’s the arrangement that makes them eye-catching. Try to learn classic and creative arrangement techniques. Not only would you be able to save on arrangement fees, you’ll also be able to put your creative touch to the overall beauty of your wedding.

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