Compatible Inkjet Cartridges – A Beginners Guide

Compatible inkjet cartridges are a rising force in the printer consumables market and seem set to stay that way. Most inkjet manufacturers have gotten greedy and taken advantage of the popularity of inkjet printers by keeping the price of replacement ink cartridges stupidly high AiBoo . This greed has created a whole new industry – compatible inkjet products at a fraction of the price of the originals.

No matter how much printer manufacturers blab on about the inconsistent quality or unreliable nature of cheap inkjet cartridges they’re missing the key factor that drives or denies sales. People simply can’t afford the prices they’re charging – this includes home users and this is doubly true of business users. Budgets are being trimmed everywhere and inkjet consumables is something that stands out because of their high costs.

So when faced with the cost of buying a new inkjet printer cartridge you, the consumer, can pay $39.95 for an original equipment manufacturer cartridge or about $12 for a compatible cartridge. The compatible cartridge does the exact same job to an equally high standard but costs 70% – 80% less than the original. What product will you or any other normal consumer reach for on the shelves of your local computer store? This isn’t rocket science and it’s amazing that OEM manufacturers like Epson and HP can’t see this as a potential financial disaster just waiting to happen.

Here’s the reality of the whole deal. Printer manufacturers make very little profit from the sale of the inkjet printer itself. The real profit is in selling you, the consumer, replacement inkjet cartridges and other inkjet consumables like special photo paper. The appearance and indeed the explosive growth of an entire industry of third party ink product suppliers has ticked the big printer companies off no end – it’s eating into their multi-billion dollar profit machine.

Fortunately for you and unfortunately for the printer companies there’s nothing they can do about these companies. All efforts on the parts of the printer manufacturers to halt distribution of third party inkjet products has led to one failed lawsuit after another.

What does the future hold for compatible inkjet cartridges? Unless the printer manufacturers win an outright courtroom victory and/or produce a cartridge that cannot be remanufactured into a compatible inkjet cartridge the world of “cheap” inkjet cartridges is here to stay. Watch this space!

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